Cape Grim aerial shot

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Cape Grim North-western most tip of the Tasmanian mainland. Next stop west is Africa. Cape Grim has the cleanest measured air in the world and produces the worlds cleanest rainwater. The site was the scene of conflict in 1826 when employees of the Van Diemens Land company, owners of Woolnorth, commanded by local magistrate Curr, obliterated a number of aboriginal people who interfered with their occupation and settlement of their tribal lands. This page provides what to date I find to be the most reliable account of the story, Grim Massacre.htm

Inform yourself and make up your own mind and remember that when you see the history of the Van Diemens Land Company at the tourist haunts of North West Tasmania, you should ask some questions about the dispossession of the original owners of the land. Arguably their tenure stretches back more than 20,000 years, our claim being only just 1 percent of that to date. Will our ancestors still be here in 19,800 years? I take responsibility for these statements if you have any comments you're welcome to submit them to me


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