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Tasmania is rich in history, being one of the earliest settled areas in Australia. The landscape ranges from hundreds of mountains, craggy weather-beaten geological formations up to 5000 feet high, More coastline that the state of New South Wales, adventure sports challenges to rival anything in the world, especially surfing, scuba diving, bush walking, kayaking and sailing. On the gentler side Tasmania is renowned for its gourmet food, often taken for granted by the spoiled local population of about half a million. Dozens of golf courses, thousands of both freshwater, big game, estuary and sea fishing spots are accessible from major centres of Hobart and Launceston. The best tip I can give you is give yourself plenty of time if you intend to do a round trip. It's bigger than you think, so if you have limited time stick to one region, you'll find it much more relaxing, remember you can always come back.

So, come on down to 'Tassie', you'll love it.  Kelvin Markham

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